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The Sheet Metal Workers' Health and Pension Plans of Southern California, Arizona & Nevada were established in the 1950's. Over the past five decades these Funds have provided Pension and Health benefits to many thousands of Sheet Metal Workers from many Sheet Metal Locals. Numerous Labor and Management Trustees put in countless uncompensated hours over those years to establish the Plans as they are today.

The Sheet Metal Benefit Plans Administrative Corporation (SMBPAC), a non-profit corporation, was established by the Trustees of the Sheet Metal Workers' Health and Pension Plans of Southern California, Arizona & Nevada in 1991, specifically to directly administer those Plans, as well as the Local #105 Savings and the Local #105 Supplemental Retiree Health Plans. The Corporation is managed and monitored by its Board of Directors which is comprised of Trustees of the benefit plans. Located in Manhattan Beach, California, SMBPAC employs approximately 35 individuals (represented by OPEIU 537), who provide benefits services to over 7000 active and retired Sheet Metal Workers and their families.

In 2001 SMBPAC's Pension Department oversaw the payment of nearly $51.5 million in pension benefits. That same year, SMBPAC's Claims Department processed and paid nearly $20 million Fee-for-Service medical claims while a similar amount was paid to HMO's, various vision and dental plans, and related and necessary ancillary services. Another approximately $9.5 million was paid in Local #105 Savings benefits and over $400,000 in Supplemental Retiree Health benefits. In addition to the above, the SMBPAC staff prepared for and hosted over 76 different Committee and Full Board of Trustee meetings. Yet, all of the above was done by SMBPAC in 2001 for a cost of approximately $1.9 million in labor, equipment, printing and supplies.

The Trustees and the staff of SMBPAC are now happy to make available this Web page. We admit it is a modest start for a Web page. But this effort is being done completely by SMBPAC staff in an effort to keep costs to a mimimum. This page will make available general benefit information, forms and other Fund related items. It will also assist you in reaching various Departments within SMBPACas well as the Web pages and services of the various providers of service these Funds work with.

We welcome your input and suggestions regarding the Plans and these Web pages.

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The information contained on this website is intended to provide only highlights of the benefits available under the Sheet Metal Workers Trust Funds' plans and plans of benefits. Complete details about the plans are contained in the governing plan documents. In the event of any inconsistency between the information on this website and the official plan documents, the terms of the plan documents, as interpreted by the plan's Board of Trustees in its sole and absolute discretion, will control. The respective Boards of Trustees of the plans reserve the right to amend, modify, or terminate all or part of the plans at any time, subject to applicable law.